Horse Intolerance Test

Is your horse showing signs of discomfort after eating? The Horse Intolerance Test determines your horse’s sensitivity to food, environmental, and artificial allergens.

Only $141 with results in 3-5 days

If your horse is exhibiting symptoms of discomfort or illness after eating, he may be suffering from intolerance or sensitivity. This can be triggered by food or non-food substances present in his immediate environment.

While allergies are usually more severe than intolerances, undiagnosed intolerances can still affect your horse’s quality of life. Symptoms of intolerances are also often more difficult to detect because symptoms can change over time.

Be in better control of your horse’s health with our Horse Intolerance Test, which analyses 44 food and 29 non-food items.

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Why Test Your Horse for Intolerances

Horses can develop intolerances and sensitivities over time. These often result in symptoms like digestive issues or skin problems. Sometimes, if the symptoms are undetectable, you may notice that the animal becomes more irritable than usual.

Even though they are less severe than allergies, they can affect your horse’s comfort and wellbeing. In some cases, they can make the horse more vulnerable to other serious health conditions.

If you can’t determine the culprit behind your horse’s symptoms or mood changes, it is a good idea to have him tested for intolerances. Here’s a list of the food and non-food substances covered by our Horse Intolerance Test:

Food Items

Apple Juice




Beets (beetroot)
Buttermilk Cabbage – Green




Cheddar Cod


Cranberry juice


Dates Duck


Egg yolk


Fig Grapes (White)




Honey Kiwis




Lobster Macadamia Nuts




Maple Syrup Milk lactose


Mint (Fresh)


Orange juice Oyster sauce


Pineapple juice


Pork Potatoes


Rabbit – meat


Raisins Raspberries


Red Leicester


Rice – Brown Sesame seed




Soya Spinach


Sunflower oil


Swede Trout (Brown)




Wheat, whole grain





Non-Food Items


(Hordeum vulgare)


Bee Buckwheat
(Taraxum duplidens)


Cotton – plant


(Taraxum duplidens)


(Sambucus nigra)


(Solidago virgaurea)




(Corylus avellana)
(Carpinus betulus)


Japanese Millet


(Lupinus polyphyllus)
Peanut plant


Perennial ryegrass
(Lolium perenne)


Pine (Pinus spp.)
(Plantago major)


Primrose (Primulus)


Rabbits – animal
(Ambrosia elatior)


Red fescue
(Festuca rubra)


Sheep’s wool
Tall oat grass
Wild oat
(Avena fatua)








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How the Test Works

The Horse Intolerance Test is a laboratory-based genetic test that detects your pet’s sensitivity to common substances that may be present in your home.

To carry out this test, you will only need to provide your horse’s hair samples. For safety reasons, we recommend that you take the hair sample from the mane. You may also take a sample from the horse’s grooming brush, but ensure that there is no cross-contamination between animals.

We will not be sending out a test kit, but we will send you a detailed guide on how to collect your horse’s hair sample. Please follow the specified instructions for our laboratory to be able to analyse the samples accurately.

AffinityDNA Animal Icon Horse Intolerance Test

Download the forms below

AffinityDNA Animal Icon Horse Intolerance Test

What is Included in the Report

After you send your samples back to our laboratory, you can expect to receive the results via email in 3 to 5 business days.

The report contains all the information you need to identify and understand your horse’s intolerance. Aside from this report, we will also send you a comprehensive guide in eliminating other possible intolerances from your horse’s diet.

AffinityDNA Animal Icon Horse Intolerance Test

Limitations of the Horse Intolerance Test

The test determines the substances that your horse is intolerant to. Most of the time, to address this issue, you will only need to remove the trigger substances from your horse’s diet and environment.

In some cases, however, intolerances may require treatment. We recommend that you visit your veterinarian to discuss your horse’s treatment plan.

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Special Offers and Discounts

The price of a single Horse Intolerance Test is $141.

If you plan to purchase multiple tests, you can enjoy a $10 discount per subsequent test. A second or third intolerance test will then only cost $131 per test.

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