Horse Hereditary Disease Test

Are you worried about your horse's health and want to make sure it doesn't have any hereditary diseases? Then horse hereditary disease testing is for you! From $98!

From only $98 with results in 10-14 working days

Hereditary disease testing for horses is a quick and easy way to find out if your horse has an inherited disease. These tests can detect 23 genetic diseases, including Foal Immunodeficiency Syndrome and Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, among others.

If your horse has an inherited disease, it can be treated to improve its life quality. In some cases, it may also be possible to prevent the disease from being passed on to the horse’s offspring.

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Why Test Your Horse for Hereditary Diseases

If you are thinking of breeding horses, it is important to test for inherited diseases to ensure that you are not breeding horses that carry genes for serious diseases. Hereditary disease testing for horses is a valuable tool for horse breeders and owners who wish to breed and own healthy horses.

These tests can determine your horse’s genetic susceptibility to 23 different genetic diseases and can help you make breeding decisions to eliminate these diseases.

The Horse Hereditary Disease Test offers a several benefits, including:

  • Detecting inherited diseases before they manifest themselves, which can help to improve the horse’s health and welfare.
  • The ability to prevent inherited diseases from being passed on to the horse’s offspring.
  • The ability to make informed decisions about horse breeding.
  • Reducing veterinary costs.
  • Increasing the value of your horses.

Here is the full list of Hereditary Diseases tested:

Hereditary Disease Description Price
ACAN Dwarfism (H118) Abnormal cartilage growth leading to skeletal problems and dwarfism. $157
Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (H113) Infertility and external female genitalia in male horses. N/A
Cerebellar Abiotrophy (H102) Ataxia due to the progressive death of brain cells responsible for movement. $98
Congenital Myotonia (H109) Impaired movement due to muscle rigidity. $98
Fragile Foal Syndrome (Warmblood) (H123) Connective tissue disorder leading to the death of the foal. $98
Friesian Dwarfism (H119) Dwarfism in the Friesian breed with associated health problems. $98
Glanzmann Thrombasthenia (H115) Equine coagulopathy (improper blood clotting). N/A
Glycogen Storage Disease IV (H103) Energy deficiency in muscles and organs. N/A
Hereditary Equine Regional Dermal Asthenia (H104) Skin detachment causing severe lesions and ulcerations. N/A
Hoof Wall Separation Disease (H116) Separation of the Hoof and Hoofwall. $98
Hydrocephalus (H117) Accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in a foal’s brain. N/A
Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis (H107) Temporary paralysis in Quarter Horses. N/A
Immune-Mediated Myositis (H124) Immune-mediated muscle wasting often triggered by infections or vaccination. N/A
Incontinentia Pigmenti (H114) Coat pattern with negative effects on skin, coat, teeth and eyes. N/A
Junctional Epidermolysis Bullosa 1 (H105) Skin blistering and ulcerations due to an improper connection between skin and underlying tissue. N/A
Malignant Hyperthermia (H110) Fever, muscle rigidity and respiratory distress triggered by anaesthetics or other stress. $98
Naked Foal Syndrome (H120) Lethal hairlessness in Akhal-Teke horses. $98
Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy Typ 1 (H128) Disorder of the sugar metabolism of the muscles causing muscle damage. $98
Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Disease (H111) Fatal infections due to a deficient immune system. $98
Skeletal Atavism (H125) Abnormal bone growth in legs, resulting in dwarfism and leg deformities. $279
Squamous Cell Carcinoma (H126) A malignant tissue formation (tumour) that develops from the superficial layers of the skin and mucous membranes. $98
Foal Immunodeficiency Syndrome (H112) The nonfunctional immune system causes anaemia and early death in foals. $98


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How the Test Works

To carry out this test, you will only need to provide your horse’s hair samples. For safety reasons, we recommend that you take the hair sample from the mane.

The DNA is found in the hair follicle, which is why it is necessary to use plucked hairs to guarantee the test results. Take 12 to 15 hairs close to the horse’s skin and pull quickly and evenly. Trimmed hairs or hairs that have fallen out during brushing cannot be used because they will not provide the necessary genetic information.

We will not be sending out a test kit, please download the instructions form and follow the specified instructions for the laboratory to be able to analyse the samples accurately. After you send your samples back to our laboratory, you can expect to receive the results via email in 10 to 14 working days.

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Special Offers and Discounts

You can buy a Horse Hereditary Disease Test from $98.

If you purchase a second or third test you can enjoy a $10 discount on each additional test.

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